Training I have presented:

  • Intercultural Factors in mediation.

  • Dealing with Difficult Situations with Tenants using Mediation Techniques.

  • Diffusing Conflict & Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Methods for reducing stress and tension; modeling Nonviolent communication, and encouraging active listening.

  • Passion Search– An 8 week facilitated group experience in self-exploration guiding students in finding a clear, enthusiastic vision for their future. 

  • Articulating Strengths Together (AST): guiding participants through a series of activities that will give them a list of their most valued personal strengths and practice articulating them.

  • Dependable Strengths Articulation process (DSAP), DSAP is a rigorous, peer-assisted, group process. Participants reflect on their experiences in life, identify their patterns of strengths, and learn how to talk about their Dependable Strengths® in ways that demonstrate their value to an organization or community. Dependable Strengths are those core strengths that define a person’s special talent for excellence.

  • Opening statements and Agenda setting in mediation.

  • Nonverbal Communication and Facial Expression.

  • Power Dynamics in Collaborative Divorce Cases.

  • Cooperative Problem Solving.

  • Communication and Negotiation skills, using Allied professionals, and using Mediators in Collaborative cases.

  • Interest Based Negotiations.

  • Cultural Factors, Communications, and Negotiations for Collaborative Professionals.

  • Power Balance and Dynamics in Mediations.

  • Agenda setting.

  • Telephone Conciliator training.

  • Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” trainer.