Compassionate Resolutions–“Resolving Conflicts with Compassion”


Why Mediation?

In mediation, two sides of conflict agree to come together with a neutral third-party mediator to work out problems. The goal is to help people let go of their conflicts by increasing levels of understanding, broadening perspectives, and finding resolutions that enable them to put their disputes to rest.  My desire is to aim for creative settlements through a process that builds trust and reduces stress.  I believe that the people involved in the disputes are the best equipped to find a cooperative path to resolution that enables all parties to move forward with their lives.

 Mediation provides:

 ·   a safe and neutral place to communicate your needs and concerns,

 ·   assistance in creating mutually acceptable and creative solutions,

 ·   assistance in writing up any agreements that you make,

 ·   time and money savings, and

 ·   the ability to keep more control over the process.

 As a mediator I do not advocate for either side in a dispute, nor do I impose a settlement.  My purpose is to empower and assist people in reaching their own creative agreements through a voluntary process.

Mediation offers people the opportunity to not only resolve legal issues, but also to heal from the damaging effects of the conflict itself.  When people feel their perspectives are genuinely heard and considered by the other side, people become more creative about finding solutions.

I am available to facilitate settlement negotiations and assist in writing settlement agreements between parties where negotiations are directly with each other in an open session or over the phone, or utilizing private caucuses as necessary, to reach a settlement that meets the interests of the parties.

 I provide the following mediation services:

  ~a dissolution or separation (couples living together or separating, same sex dissolutions, parenting plans, and property divisions); and

 ~eldercare and family conflicts.

Is Mediation Right for you?

 It is, if…….

             …you want to reduce conflict.

            …you want more control over the process.

             …you want to save money.

             …you want to be a part of the solution.

 How long will mediation take?  

The amount of time it will take before a mediated agreement is reached depends on the degree of conflict between the parties, whether they are mediating in good faith, and the complexity of the issues to be considered.  Each mediation session is usually two to three hours.  Many single-issue mediations end with an agreement after only one session; others may take several sessions over a period of several weeks or a few months.

 What does mediation cost?

Fees are based on hourly rates, your preparation outside of the mediation sessions can help keep the costs at a modest level. Call or email for rate information. (206) 369-1239

What type of training have you had to be a mediator?

Catherine was trained and then certified as a mediator in 2002 through the Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish and Island Counties, (DRC) and completed the King County Dispute Resolution Center’s (KCDRC) rigorous practicum program.

She has been certified by the Washington Mediation Association (WMA) to conduct mediations for Consumer, Community, Domestic Relations, Employment/Personnel/Workplace, Intercultural Relations/Diversity, Labor Relations, and Landlord/Tenant disputes.

She has additional training in Advanced Family mediation, Large Group Facilitation, Collaborative Law, and Non-Violent Communication.

She is a mentor mediator, trainer, and coach for new mediators for the King County Dispute Resolution Center in Seattle, WA.